The JCRC of New York is organizing a day long soccer tournament for the hundreds of international Jews living in New York for a day of soccer and networking with Jews from all over the world!


Its very easy to register your team and country to participate in this event. Here's what you need to do:
1. Form a team of 10 players 18 years and older (including yourself) all from your home country
2. Identify a team captain and a member of your team who can also serve as a referee
3. Collect the $20/person registration fee from each player
4. Register your team and pay the $200 team fee ($20/player) at our online registration form
5. If you are having a hard time finding a team, click here and we will see what we can do to help!


We are excited to announce that we have secured three private fields on the beautiful Randall's Island. Please see here for exact directions.


Sunday, June 27th from 9:00AM-5:00PM. Registration opens at 9AM and the games will begin precisely at 10:00AM. Kosher food will be available for purchase throughout the day.


Team size: 10 players
Players: Open to all players 18 and older.
No co-ed requirement. (Example: each team will be composed of 10 people, men or women, without a minimum required number of women, i.e. could be an all-man team, could as well be an all-woman team)


7 a-side competition: 7 on the field, including a goalkeeper + 3 substitutes (each team is entitled to 3 substitutions per game, done with prior acknowledgement of referee).

At the time of registration, each team shall have designated:
o    its assigned captain;
o     its assigned referee. The referee will be used for games outside of the team’s group.

Match Length

Group Stage: 2 halves of 12 minutes each. Half-time: 2 minutes. Referee will determine extra-time in his/her sole discretion.

For Knockout phase: 2 halves of 12 minutes each. Half-time: 2 minutes. Referee will determine extra-time in his/her sole discretion.

If there is a tie, 2 extra times of 5 minutes each, with no break in-between. Golden goal rule will apply.

If tie after 10 minutes of extra time, penalty shoot-out. Best of 3 wins. Sudden death if teams still tied.

Games Rules & Principles:

Other than rules already provided herein, general FIFA rules will apply and as such, all teams and players shall abide by the rules of FAIR-PLAY.

Referees: All decisions will be made by referees and all decisions will be FINAL and NON-APPEALABLE.

Offside: Offside will be permitted.

Tournament Rules

Group Stage:
Each team will be part of a 4-team group. Each team will play at least 3 games (i.e. 1 game against each other team within the group). The groups will be determined by the organizers as part of a draw, scheduled to take place prior to the tournament. Per match, a wining team will receive 3 points, 1 point per team in case of a tie, and a losing team will receive 0 point. Rankings will be based on number of points, then goal differential, then best offense. If tie, organizers may decide to set up a playoff game.

 Knock-Out Phase:
The best two teams out of each group will qualify for the Knock-out phase. Depending on the number of teams registered, the organizers may allow other teams (e.g. best 3rd teams) to join the knock-out phase. Knock-Out Phase will last until best two teams reach the final.


Jerseys: Jerseys will be provided by organizers on the date of the tournament.

Other Equipment:

o    Shin-guards are mandatory.
o    Each player should bring his/her shorts.
o    Shoes: plastic cleats or sneakers.  NO metal cleats.
o    Gloves: each team shall bring gloves for their GK. These are not mandatory.

Referees will have the right to check that each player complies with these rules at any point in time during or before the match. Any player that would not comply with these rules (wearing metal cleats for instance) can be excluded by the referee.

Other points of importance

Games will start at 10:00AM sharp! Registration will open at 9:00AM.  Be on time. A team not present in full at the kick-off time that was assigned by the organizers will be considered to have lost 3-0.

Registration Fee:
$20 per player or $200 per team. Full payment for the entire team shall have been received by the organizers, at the time of registration, on or prior June 20th, 2010.

Supporters/Visitors Entry:
 Friends and family of the players are welcome to join us at no cost. 

Contact Us

For more information please email Hindy Poupko at poupkoh@jcrcny.org or call 212 983 4800 ext 146